Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

juicing for weight loss
Who says that juices will make you fat? If they are the one which are freshly extracted and if you consume them replacing your meal, they will make you healthier and even will reduce your weight. There are a number of juicing recipes for weight loss that can be adopted by you for a healthier body.  If you bought then from the stores and then consume them, they will surely bring fatness. As they are heated up while making, they lose much of their goodness. They are conserved for much time which makes them to lose all the nutrients. That is why they are no good to you.

Consuming fresh juices will not only reduce our weight but also cure us from a number of illness and disease. They stimulate the pH balance of our body. Some of the best juicing recipes for weight loss provide 80% of alkalizing effect in the body.

Fresh juices make our digestive system strong and make the food to digest quickly. If you would consume your food with juices, the whole digestion process of your body can complete in nearly three hours. Juices can help us to get cured from various body problems such as backache, fatigue, diarrhoea and even headache faster than ever before. When a person falls ill, he is prescribed to consume vegetable and fruits and juices. Juices also complete the water deficiency of the body. If any person is on a fast, fresh juice is the only thing which can provide him whole day energy. There are some juice dishes which can reduce your weight at the fastest speed. And I am sure you will get addicted to them as they are so tasty. Here is one of our best known juicing recipes for weight loss:-

Take four apples. Remove the pipes of the apple and cut it into wedges. Now take a pear and do the same process for it. Repeat the same with a kiwi. Make sure that you don’t peel them. Keep the skin of the fruits intact as the skins of the fruits are more nutritious than the rest of the parts.  Now take some grapes, celery sticks, some spinach leaves, cucumber, parsley nearly half handful, some mint and one broccoli floret.

Extract the juices of all the fruits written above. Put them in refrigerator for at least 48 hours, that is nearly two days. You should make sure that remain in darkness and coolness as heat and light kills the nutrients.